Criteria your furnished Flat must meet

There is still a high demand for temporary furnished flats in Berlin. Even now, in times of Corona. Start-ups are still hiring new employees from all over the world. These people move to Berlin and they need accommodation until they have found there own flat with an unlimited rental agreement.

Good, solvent tenants have high standards when it comes to the furnishing and the equippment of an apartment. It does not have to be a luxury flat, but all requirement of the tenants for living and working in the flat should be taken into account and the flat should have a modern feel.
Therefore, we only accept flats which meet our criteria. The advantage for the owners: We are sure that we will find a good tenant for these flats.

The 12 Crocodilian Criteria for furnished Flats:

1. Internet and WIFI

Although everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, internet is an absolute must in a furnished apartment. No matter how well equipped and furnished your flat is. It can't be rented without internet and WIFI. Tenants don't want to order internet themselves.
Internet should be available from day one, i.e. a furnished flat should not be rented out until the internet is working.

2. Apartment must be available for at least one year

Your apartment must be available for furnished rentals for at least 12 months. Tenants need to be flexible and want to have the option to extend the lease. The reason: they don't know how fast they will find their own apartment and they don't want to move more than necessary.

3. Possibility of registering in Berlin

For landlords, issuing the housing provider certificate is a relatively small effort. But they are legally obliged to do so. Every tenant who moves to Berlin for work needs a landlord's certificate in order to register. Without registration there is no bank account, without a bank account there is no Schufa, no mobile phone contract and ultimately, no transfer of rent.
A landlord's confirmation must be issued to every tenant referred through Crocodilian.

4. Fully furnished

Your flat should not only be partially but fully furnished. It is also in the interest of the landlord that that tenants do not bring their own furniture to the apartment.

5. Complete Furnishing of the Flat

The complete equipment of a furnished flat includes
- bed linen, - duvets, - crockery, - pots, - pans. Tenants only travel with their suitcases. A washing machine is also an absolute must, a dishwasher is a plus and for some tenants also a must. The washing machine should either be in the flat or in the laundry room of the house. Here is a checklist for furnishing a furnished flat

6. Modern furnishing

Modern does not necessarily mean that the furniture has to be brand new, or that a landlord has to refurnish the flat every few years. That would be far too costly and unsustainable. A lot of furniture from the 50s, 60s and 70s is still modern today. And a mix of old and modern furniture can also be modern. The important thing is the mix of how furniture is combined.

When furnishing, you should bear in mind that the target group of temporary renting is in their late 20s to early 40s, rarely older. This is because it is only allowed to rent to people who come to Berlin to work here. And this age group is mobile, often still a family and not tied to a particular location.
Old-fashioned furniture is not in demand.
Crocodilian also offers apartment furnishing.

7. Comfortable Atmosphere

Nowadays, it is not enough to simply put a few pieces of furniture in a flat and try to rent it out furnished at the highest possible price. I won't work out. And if it does, it is only for a limited period of time. These flats don't attract the best tenants and they are worn out after a short time and not well maintained. With these flats landlord and the agency have the most stress.
Tenants who come to Berlin to work are looking for a temporary home, and the flat should be furnished and equipped accordingly. The initial investment in a flat to be rented furnished is quite high. But if furnished with attention to detail and invested in quality, it is much cheaper than constantly replacing worn and damaged furniture. Here are tips on how to furnish a temporary apartment.

8. No Sofa Bed (instead of a real Bed)

A sofa bed is okay as a second sleeping accommodation in a furnished flat, e.g. for occasional visitors, or if a room is furnished for use both as a study and as a second bedroom.
A sofa bed is not suitable as the sole sleeping accommodation. Many tenants also state in their catalogue of wishes that they definitely want a real bed and not a sofa bed.

9. Enough Storage Space:

Storage space is very important for tenants. The apartment should have a wardrobe. A clothes rail, shelves or only chest of drawers are no alternative. . Tenants usually arrive with several suitcases with summer and winter clothes. All this needs to be stored. They need a wardrobe with a clothes rail and compartments. When furnishing your flat, please remember that the tenant also needs to store shoes, suitcases, toiletries, papers, etc.

10. Fair Price-Performance Ratio

We would like landlords to invest in furnishing of their flat, not in high agency fees. In the long run, this is the cheapest and best solution for everyone: The flat rents out more easily. The flat attracts better tenants who treat the flat with more care, there is less stress and complaints after tenants move out, etc. Simple furnished flats are also okay, if the price is right. Here you will find information on how to calculate the rent of a furnished apartment.

11. No personal Belongings in the Flat

There should not be any personal stuff of the landlord in the apartment like clothes, papers etc.
We only market private apartments which are the home of the landlord in exceptional cases.

12. Desk

Most tenants still work from home and a desk is absolutely necessary for them, unless there is a large dining table in the flat. Still, a small, seperate desk is preferable.