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The Crocodilian guide to successfully finding an apartment in Berlin

Tip 1 for finding an apartment: Landlords love to get information about the tenant

Landlords like to have some information about the tenant. This includes occupation, employer, the reason for looking for a flat, and a few lines about who you are, what you do, who else is moving in with you, etc.
With this information, we can convince landlords of you as a tenant much more quickly. Otherwise, we have to ask and this delays the quick renting.

Tip 2 for finding an apartment: Virtual viewing

If you view an apartment virtually, you will be able to rent much faster. Flats that are still tenanted cannot be viewed, only flats that are vacant. It is always possible that there are several applicants for a flat, especially if you can only view the apartment in a week's time. Chances are, that another interested party has already rented the flat before your viewing appointment.
All flats on our website have been personally inspected and checked by Crocodilian. On each exposé, you find many photos and virtual tours or a video of each apartment. We know all the flats and can answer your questions about each one.

Tip 3 for finding an apartment: Have your employment contract and copy of your ID ready

Your application for a flat has been accepted by the landlord? Then the tenancy agreement can be drawn up immediately. Before that, we still need your employment contract and a copy of your identity card.

All you have to know when you search a flat:

Do I have to apply 3 times if I am interested in three flats?
No. One application with all the information is sufficient. It is important for us that you let us know which flat you would like to rent - and if this one does not work out for any reason, you are welcome to send us your other options. All you need to do is send us a short e-mail.

Are all costs included in the rent?

All additional costs that are not listed in the exposé are included in the rent. This includes electricity, water, heating, internet, etc.
Do tenants pay any fee at Crocodilian?
No, the Crocodilian service is free of charge for tenants.

When should you start looking for a furnished flat?

In our experience, finding an apartment months in advance is not so easy. We recommend to start looking for a flat not too early, even if a flat may be marked as free and available again at a certain date in the near future. Tenants of furnished rentals are flexible and they often want to extend their lease if there is a change of plans. Landlords are aware of this and they won't commit to a new tenant months in advance.
We recommend that you start looking for a flat about 1 month before your arrival in Berlin at the earliest. Then Crocodilian also knows exactly which flats are certain to become available and which are not.

What does it mean if the availability of a flat is not confirmed?

Some flats are specially marked - availability not confirmed. This means that the current tenant still has an option to renew and that he/she must inform the agency at least one month before the contract expires whether he/she will renew the lease or move out. If you are interested in a flat, marked availability not confirmed, you can get in touch with us and ask what the status is. Again, it makes no sense asking too early, but about one month before the scheduled availability date.

Can flats be rented from any date?

No. If a flat is available immediately, for example, a landlord is usually not interested in a tenant who will move in 3 months from now. Landlords want to avoid long gaps when they rent out their flat.

How long does the rental process take at Crocodilian? From finding an apartment to moving in?

Once we have all the relevant information and documents from you, it is very quick. As soon as we have an okay from both parties, you can quickly and conveniently sign the rental agreement online. Before moving in, the deposit and the rent must be paid. As soon as the money is in the landlord's or Crocodilian's bank account, you can move in.