Why Crocodilian?

Our Services and fair Conditions

Crocodilian stands for security. There are many agencies and platform. Unlike others, we are based in Berlin, and only in Berlin.
There is more to a successful and stress-free tenancy than just sending contact details and preparing the renting agreement.  Our goal is to create added value for landlords and tenants and to organise the entire rental process. Secure and stress-free. 

Security comes always first at Crocodilian. Our organized process guarantees the greatest possible security when renting out a furnished flat.

What makes Crocodilian different?

Security in the selection of tenants:

  • We do not only check tenants on the basis of the information provided by the tenant himself. Our experienced and longstanding employees review the tenant’s details, check them for consistency and ask for further information. In order to get a more comprehensive picture of the prospective tenant, we always conduct an interview with the tenant and don’t just rely on documents only.
  • We only rent out to tenants who have convinced us and with whom we have a good feeling.
  • Crocodilian also takes into account the Berlin law prohibiting the repurposing of residential housing (Zweckentfremdungsverbot)and other valid laws and thus ensures that the tenancy always complies with the law.
  • All prospective tenants we introduce to you have already passed our check.

Our Success:

In 15 years, every tenant has paid their rent, everyone has moved out at the agreed time so far.

Security of Payment

  • Crocodilian ensures that your tenants pay their first rent and deposit as soon as possible after signing the contract. We know what questions tenants from abroad ask before transferring money, what information you need, that you want an immediate confirmation etc. All this is organised down to the last detail with us.
  • We also take care of the rental account management and we make sure that every tenant pays on time. We forward the rent, minus our fee, to you. In case of late payment, we immediately send a payment reminder.
  • You don't have to worry about anything and you can be sure that the rent will be received on time.

Security through personal Support

Crocodilian has only regular customers. We know our landlords and also the properties. Therefore we can advise landlords much better and more purposefully. At Crocodilian, landlords have a fixed contact person whom they can contact at any time. And if the person is not available, a callback, an e-mail or a WhatsApp message will be sent.

Our Services and our fair Conditions:

Crocodilian offers two packages:

Package 1 - Package Comfort

  • We show off your Apartment to perfection. An experienced Crocodilian employee gets to know your flat and also takes photos and 360 ° tours during this appointment.
  • We advise you in detail on all aspects of temporary leasing and clarify your tenant profile with you.
  • We find solvent tenants who have passed your check and who match your search-profile.
  • We also actively offer the flat to our business clients as well as prospective tenants for whom the flat might be attractive.
  • We introduce the prospective tenants to you and you receive further information on your tenants.
  • We provide tenancy agreements in German and English, which can be easily and quickly concluded online.
  • We organise the rent and deposit payments and forward them to you. We make sure that tenants pay the rent on time and transfer the correct amounts. If the rent is not received on time, we follow up.
  • We issue documents the tenant needs to receive from landlord: Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung
  • We are the point of contact for tenants and landlords throughout the rental period and beyond.


Package 2: All-Round Carefree Package

Package 2 includes all services from package 1, plus:

  • we organise viewings.
  • We manage the tenant's deposit, in accordance with legal requirements, on a separate account.
  • We put the tenants' name on the doorbell and letterbox.
  • We organise the final cleaning- the flats are cleaned with attention to detail according to the Crocodilian checklist to make sure that they are really clean.
  • We prepare the deposit statement.
  • We organise the hand-over of the apartment, with protocol.
  • We check the apartment after the tenant has moved out, with protocol.
  • Extra services: appointments with craftsmen, if something does not work, piurchasing inventory, key delivery by registerd mail etc: extra costs 10€/10 min).


Comfort package:14% of the all-inclusive rent + VAT/month

Allround Carefree Package:17% of the all-inclusive rent + VAT/month

Furnishing an Apartment: Please ask for a quote

How our service works



Photos and virtual 360 ° tour

inclusive inclusive

Detailed consultation: rent, profile of tenants etc.

inclusive inclusive

We find solvent tenants and market your apartment actively

inclusive inclusive

Check online rental agreement in German and English

inclusive inclusive

Organization of payment rent + deposit,sending reminders

inclusive inclusive

Crocodilian is the point of contact for tenants and owners during the tenancy and beyound

inclusive inclusive

Issuing of documents the tenant needs and owner is legally obliged to provide

inclusive inclusive

Organization of Viewings


Legally secure management of deposit on sepearte accounts


Handover of apartment with protocol and apartment check with protocol when the tenant moves out


Professional final cleaning


Organization of appointments with craftsmen, if needed


Placing of name tags on doorbell and lettet box.



14% of the total rent + VAT/month

17% of the total rent + VAT/month>