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Subletting an Apartment in Berlin

Friday, 08. February 2019 | Owners

We often see private apartments offered as sublets, that is, apartments that will be rented out for a specific period of time because the owner or primary tenant will be away temporarily for some time — this can be years, or just a few months. Whether you are an owner or tenant, watch out: f you want to sublet your own apartment for a considerable legnth of time, you should advertize it at an early stage. Despite the general housing shortage in Berlin, it is not always easy to find a sub-tenant. And agencies are not always the right people to talk to.

Most apartments offered on a temporary basis are apartments that have been furnished for temporary rental. Please note that this means temporary rental, and not vacation...

Is temporary letting still allowed in Berlin?

Friday, 08. February 2019 | Owners

Renting out vacation apartments in Berlin is now forbidden. The prohibition of incorrect use, the so called “Zweckentfremdungsgesetz” forbids the conversion of living space into vacation apartments. There are very few exceptions.
Many landlords who want to offer or offer furnished apartments on a temporary basis are confused. Is temporary letting allowed, and if so, on what conditions?

The target group for temporary accommodation is no longer tourists, but persons who come to Berlin to work here. Ten thousand people from Germany and abroad move to Berlin every year to work here.
The housing market in Berlin is tense and it is not always easy to find affordable housing. It is even more difficult, however, if you are not in the city...

7 Tips for Owners: What You Should Pay Attention to When Furnishing a Temporary Apartment

Friday, 08. February 2019 | Owners

Owners, who want to rent out a furnished apartment, often ask the same questions:
How should the apartment be furnished, what is the quality standard and which furnishing style is in demand popular with tenants?

The furnishing style of a temporary apartment should be modern and clean, but not cool and uncomfortable. Currently, the Scandinavian living style is very much in demand. A homely feeling is very important for tenants. Much more than years ago when minimalism was the trend. Above all, the apartment should meet the requirements oft he tenant.

Our recommendation:
It is worth the effort. Apartments that are furnished with attention to details will always find good tenants. It is best to go for clarity, muted colours and...

Bestellerprinzip - New German Legislation regarding Commission Fee

Wednesday, 06. February 2019 | Owners

The so-called ‚Bestellerprizip‘ (a new piece of German legislation regarding commission fees) comes into force on the 1st of June, 2015. Lawmakers have now determined that owners can now call upon an estate agent or subletting agency.

Both owners of furnished homes for short-term rent and subletting agencies must adapt to the new circumstances. The law’s rationale was in effect to liberate long-term tenants from estate agent fees. Despite how one may view the new law, subletting is aimed at a completely different market. Professors-in-residence, companies, relocation agencies and foreign business people are often the regular customers of letting estate agents. Individuals that are in Berlin for a limited time are more than...

10 Tips: Things that should not be in a furnished Flat

Wednesday, 06. February 2019 | Owners

The market for furnished flats has changed. Years ago, nearly all apartments rented out easily. There were fewer on the market and tenants had to make do with practical solutions.
This has now changed. Nowadays tenants have the choice. And they go for more stylish and modern flats. The typical holiday let with inexpensive and boring standard furnishings is an outdated model.

Here are 10 tips for owners to make sure they avoid the worst mistakes when furnishing an apartment.

Plants are not an ideal decoration choice for a furnished apartment. There are exceptions to this rule though but only if the plant is part of the design.
It is better to rent out an apartment without living plants. A collection of potted plants does not look...

VAT for furnished flats rented out temporarily?

Tuesday, 05. February 2019 | Owners

Please note: This article reflects the opinion of Crocodilian. This is no legally binding information.
As a temporary housing agency, we cannot and must not advise you on tax issues.

Do landlords of a furnished apartment have to pay VAT? If so, when exactly? Is it also possible to let an apartment temporarily without paying 7% VAT?

Many landlords of Crocodilian ask us these questions. Most landlords would like to avoid the value added tax and/or do not want to concern themselves at all closer with this topic.
In addition, they also fear that their apartment will be too expensive for private tenants if 7% VAT is added to the rental price or that the rentability of the apartment will be restricted as a result. Under certain...