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Private Apartments

Chances of Renting Out Private Apartments

The market for rentals has changed drastically in the last few years. Not long ago there were a high number of private apartments on the market as sublets. Now the market has changed. More people prefer to be the owners or tenants of furnished apartments for rent.

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This does not mean you won't be able to let out a private apartment at all. As long as your private apartment does not have too many personal items located within, is well decorated and is in good condition, a good location and you are charging a reasonable price, there is a chance that you will be able to rent it out. You can look at all the apartments that we offer on our Crocodilian website to get an idea of what type of apartments we offer and what type of furnishings you should have.

What you should take care of when subletting a private apartment

Remember that your tenant will arrive with personal belongings. There may be not so much, or there could be a lot. The tenant needs an amount of space, of course. Things like hand towels and bed covers are usually provided by the owner. It is better to pack all your personal belongings and clothes in one cupboard so that there is a clear difference between each person's belongings. It is of course better if you don't keep your personal belongings in the flat at all. What you can do is put all your personal things in one small room, which is not for rent, and then keep it locked. It helps to find tenants if the apartment looks as it did in the original pictures, and has very few personal belongings from the owner. Make sure that before the photoshoot takes place, the apartment is at least ready and in a condition to be photographed. Your prospective tenant will look at the apartment on the internet and they will expect it to look more or less the same when they move in.

Apartments with good chances

  • Family apartments with good quality furnishings and in a central location
  • Designer apartments in Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg
  • Modern and tastefully decorated 1 - 2 room apartments around 65m²
  • Apartments that fulfil the above mentioned criteria and also allow pets (cats or dogs)