Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Factors that make Apartment rental more difficult

No Internet

Internet is a must for most tenants and itshould already work by the time the tenant moves in. An additional telephone is an extra but is not essential. Please read all information regarding internet and telephone connections.

Apartment not renovated for quite some time

Apartments which have not been renovated for quite some time (with old bathroom facilities and no built-in kitchen etc.), are also more difficult to rent out.

No modern furnishings

Nearly all tenants prefer modern furnishings. Antique furniture is not very much in demand, nor are oriental carpets, over-stuffed apartments and plants.

Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors are not so ideal. If there is a carpeted floor in one room, this will most likely work out, but carpeted floors in every room are more difficult to rent out.

Top Floor without a lift

Apartments on the 4th or 5th floor without a lift are also not that easy to rent out. Most tenants prefer having lifts, of course. As always, however, this is also a matter of price. If you charge less than you would get for an aparment with lift, there stilll is a good chance of renting out the flat.


Most tenants are looking for a temporary home within the S-Bahn circle. There can also be exceptions.
If the rent is reasonable, quite a number of tenants are also willing to move outside of the city centre.
Problems may arise in more expensive, spacious and luxurious apartments (such as in areas like Tempelhof or Wedding). The area of Zehlendorf is a bit different in this respect though. As the famous motto goes - location, location, location. It depends on many different factors, of course so location may not be the be all and end all.