Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Final Cleaning

Cleaning of the Apartment

A final cleaning of your apartment needs to take place once your tenant moves out. To avoid finding the apartment in an unfavourable condition, you should negotiate with your tenant in what state the apartment should be left. This should be clearly stated in the Rental Agreement and should be discussed before the contract is signed. The tenant should know if any cleaning needs to be done, what should be washed (e.g bedcovers, towels, etc). This also saves the cleaning staff time and the apartment can be ready very quickly for your own use or for the next tenant.

wooden floor with broom

The tenant should not be responsible for the entire final cleaning. When it comes to cleaning, everybody is different. It may be that the tenant does not clean the flat adequately enough. Limescale in the shower or hairs on the bed are some of the things a new tenant should not expect to find. This is why you should hire proper, professional cleaners.

The Crocodilian Rental Agreement provides space to fill out the costs of the final cleaning. We advise against having a high cost for it. If it is too high, the tenant can think they can leave the apartment without cleaning anything since it has already been paid for. In fact, we advise that you should negotiate an hourly rate and then charge afterwards, depending on how long the cleaners take. A fixed price can also be negotiated. And in that case if there is damage to the apartment that takes longer than usual to clean, you can charge extra. All of this should be stated very clearly in the Rental Agreement to avoid any misunderstanding later on.

Window Cleaning

The owners are of course not providing a hotel service. So it is obviously not possible or logical to clean the windows after every rental period, or bad weather conditions. So it should be negotiated between the owner and the tenant, how often the windows need to be cleaned and what condition they should be kept in.