Move-out cleaning for your temporary furnished rental: how to get your deposit back.

Everyone deserves to move in to a comfortable and well-cleaned apartment, and no tenant wants their first experience in a new apartment to be picking someone else’s hair out of the shower drain. Out of consideration to those moving in, then, all temporary furnished rentals require a thorough final cleaning.

Cleaning your apartment before moving out.

There are a few different options for who does the final cleaning (Endreinigung, auf Deutsch.) In most cases, the landlord or property management will organize the final cleaning with a professional company. Still, the tenant isn’t completely off the hook. So, what should you consider before handing in your keys?

(Of course, you should clean your apartment more than once! Unlike in a hotel, the tenant should leave the apartment in a well-maintained state. According to the rental agreement, the tenant is responsible for regularly cleaning and tidying the apartment. If you’ve taken care during the rental period, you’re on your way to a stress-free move out.)

What responsibilities does the tenant have before moving out?

Before moving out, tenants should follow these cleaning tips:


Don’t leave a big pile of sheets and towels in the laundry. Otherwise, the cleaning service will need to wait out several wash cycles, or send the dirty laundry to a laundromat, at the cost of the tenant.

We recommend washing all linens prior to your departure and leaving only one set of sheets and towels per person unwashed. After all, everything is still technically in use until the time of the move.

Finally, don’t forget to check the laundry for stains. If there are any, don’t use any bleach products to remove them, or the linens will have to be professionally cleaned or purchased new.  As a last resort, get in touch with your landlord and purchase extra bed linen yourself before moving out.

When you leave, take out any laundry from the washing machine and hang everything up to dry. Leave the washing machine clean, with the door open.


Leave behind a clean oven, with any crust or grease removed. In difficult cases, you can leave some cleaning product on overnight.


It’s best to leave the apartment in a tidy condition. Move any furniture (e.g. lamps or side tables) back to their original place. Clean your dishes and put them back into the cupboard. Any open food in the fridge should be tossed in the garbage or taken with you. Finally, empty the garbage and dispose of all bottles.

Can I do the final cleaning myself?

Sometimes, a tenant asks if they can do the final cleaning on their own. Most, though, are glad to see someone else take over. After all, you’ll be busy enough during the move.

Based on our experience, we recommend that tenants follow the previously mentioned steps, and leave the rest up to professionals. Everyone has different expectations regarding cleaning, and your landlord is more likely to be satisfied with the results of a cleaning that they’ve organized themselves. Of course, you should take care to leave the apartment in good condition when you leave, but we advise against hiring your own cleaning service for this. The reason being that you’ll have to double check afterwards to ensure that the apartment was cleaned properly.

Your landlord’s top priority is likely planning all moves in advance, and most furnished apartments are rented immediately after the departure of a tenant, with move-ins taking place sometimes even the same day, or late at night. The landlord needs to know in advance that the apartment will be in an acceptable state for a new tenant, and organizing a last-minute cleaning is difficult, especially at the end of the month. If the apartment has only been superficially cleaned, esentially, the new tenant’s move is jeopardized. The landlord, then, has many good reasons to organize the final cleaning themselves.