Apartments to rent in Berlin Wilmersdorf

Living in the beautiful district Wilmersdorf

Wilmersdorf is overlooked by many apartment seekers. Wrongly so because Wilmersdorf has much to offer. Above all, beautiful apartments in a well-kept residential environment, Wilmersdorf stands for quality of life.
Wilmersdorf was once a small rural community. The Berliners came for weekend trips to relax here. Even today, living in Wilmersdorf is quieter and more relaxed than in the city center. Upper middle-class Wilmersdorf is an ideal district for temporary living. Here you will find a wide range of apartments. A lot was built here at the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century, mainly for the wealthy bourgeoisie. Many streets with old buildings from this time are completely preserved.

Selection of furnished apartments in Wilmersdorf to rent:

The apartments for the wealthy bourgeoisie had generous layouts and at that time already had modern comforts such as elevators.  The typical Berlin tenement homes with high density of people, small spaces, narrow buildings and dark apartments are not to be found here.
Today Wilmersdorf is particularly popular with families. But even temporary tenants will feel at home here if you are intrigued by a quieter neighbourhood and are less enthusiastic about overcrowded trendy districts.

Rüdesheimer Platz in Wilmersdorf

Preferred residence for artists and writers

More than 100 years ago Wilmersdorf was the trendiest district of all. All those who could afford it moved to the West and preferably to Wilmersdorf because of the better air and proximity to the Grunewald forest. Berlin Wilmersdorf was also very popular with writers and artists. Heinrich Mann, Arnold Zweig, Egon Kirsch and George Grosz all lived here. Not to forget Berthold Brecht who lived in the Spichernstraße 16 where he wrote the Dreigroschenoper.

house in Rheingauviertel Wilmersdorf

Furnished apartments in Wilmersdorf: Preferred residential areas

Popular residential areas in Wilmersdorf are the areas around Nikolsburger Platz, Ludwigkirchplatz and Prager Platz. The latter used to be one of the cultural centres of West Berlin.
The Rheingauviertel on Rüdesheimer Platz is the most beautiful place to live. All houses were built in the English country house style and have remained almost unchanged until today.
For the New York Times, Rüdesheimer Platz is one of the 10 most beautiful squares in Europe. Discover this oasis in the middle of the big city, far away from all tourist paths. Sitting on a bench under old trees, you can enjoy the beautiful flowerbeds and admire the impressive Siegfried Fountain with its impressive sculptures. 
Every year from May to June, the Weinbrunnen, a wine festival, takes place here. Trust the recommendations of the Rheingau winegrowers and enjoy a glass of Riesling with your own food.

Detail U-Bahn Heidelberger Platz Wilmersdorf

Living in Wilmersdorf - what you should not miss

Culture in Wilmerdorf

Wilmersdorf is not only a residential district. Here you will also find a variety of cultural offers. The Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz was originally built as a cinema by the famous architect Erich Mendelsohn. Today, the Schaubühne is one of Berlin's most important stages.
The Bar jeder Vernunft is dedicated to the genres of cabaret, chanson and musical. During a 3rd course menu with champagne you can experience shows and cabaret with famous stars.
The Berliner Literaturtreffen and many other events take place in the Haus der Berliner Festspiele, right next door. It is also the venue for the Berliner Theatertreffen.

Cuisine in Wilmersdorf

Ludwigkirchplatz is a popular meeting place in Wilmersdorf. Here and in the surrounding streets is the nightlife district with many restaurants, bars and cafes.
In the Benedict you can have breakfast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Egg Benedict and other American and Israeli specialties you start the day well. The elegant restaurant Bieberbau offers a unique ambience. In the evening, enjoy star-studded cuisine at mid-range prices.

street cafe on Ludwigkirchplatz Wilmersdorf

Shopping in Wilmersdorf

Wilmersdorferstr, with the Wilmersdorfer Arkaden shopping mall, is the most important shopping address in Wilmersdorf. The legendary Kudamm, the western part of which also belongs to Wilmersdorf, is a more elegant place to shop. Here you will find many designer boutiques as well as high-end shops.

Nature and parks

Wilmersdorf is a green district. The Volkspark Wilmersdorf is a large landscape park with sunbathing lawns and it runs like a tube through the whole district. Here you can relax, jog or go for a walk.

Further west is the Prussia Park. The highlight is the streetfood market on the Thaiwiese. On weekends Thai women cook under small parasols specialities of their homeland. Here you can discover a variety of Thai cuisine, because all dishes are offered for sale.

mosque in Wilmersdorf

Not far from the Preußen Park you will find even more international culture. Germany's oldest mosque with two minarets is located in Briennerstr. It was built in the 20s of the 20th century. Every year it can be visited on the day of the open monument in September.