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Moving to a new country without speaking the language is hard enough. Even if you don't have to deal with paperwork, contract, insurance etc. Crocodilian helps you to organize your start in Berlin. Please read all information you need to know regarding reablity insurance for tenants, the registration at the Bürgeramt, papers you will receive for the registration (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung) and much more.


How to Get a SCHUFA in Berlin - compulsory if you rent unfurnished

Thursday, 29. April 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

A SCHUFA is not necessary, if you move to Berlin and if you want to rent a temporary furnished apartment. But you will need this document as soon as you want to move on and get your own unfurnished flat. How do you get a SCHUFA, how long does it take to get a SCHUFA after you have opened a bank account, what does it cost? We have called the SCHUFA for you - here are all information you need.
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Liability Insurance in Germany - important if you rent a Flat

Thursday, 29. April 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

Does it make sense to conclude a liablity insurance if you rent a furnished flat in Germany? If you don't have a liability insurance already, it certainnly makes sense. This insurance not only covers possible damages in a rented apartment but much more.A liability insurance is about 50 Euro per year and it is the only insurance that you should have. rad all information regarding liability insurances and what you should pay attention to.
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Should you get an Invoice and a Rent Receipt?

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

Tenants sometimes ask for an invoice for the rent or a rent receipt if they rent a furnished apartment in Berlin. In Germany, you get a rental agreement, but not an invoice or a rent receipt if you rent an apartment from a private landlord. It is different which holiday lets, hotels or other commercial rentals.
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Documents for Anmeldung - all you need to know

Saturday, 06. March 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, the document for the Anmeldung at the Bürgersamt is one of the most important documents tenants need when they move in Berlin. With this document, tenants cannot even open a bank account. Even if you rent a temporary furnished apartment, you should get a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung from the landlord. The landlord is actually obliged to issue this document.
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Documents you need to rent an Apartment

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

What documents do you need to rent a furnished apartment in Berlin? If you want to rent an unfurnished apartment in Berlin, you need a SCHUFA, a Mietschuldenfreiheitsbescheinigung, confirming that you have always paid the rent in time and a proof of income. It is easier if you want to rent a temporary furnished apartment. Read what you need in order to secure a furnished flat.

When does the tenant have to pay VAT?

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

When tenants of furnished flats check their temoorary rental agreement, they sometimes find that 7% VAT is included in the rent. Sometimes the landlord adds VAT to the rent if the tenant only wants to rent for a shorter period of time, which is less than 6 months. Some landlords have to charge VAT, others don't. Read all information on when you have to pay VAT for furnished flats.
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Do I get Interest on the Security Deposit?

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Paperwork & important stuff

Tenants always have to pay a security deposit when they rent a furnished apartment in Berlin. The deposit is normally transferred o the account of the landlord. The security deposit will be refunded by the landlord after the tenant has moved out. If the tenants has left the apartment in a good condition. Owners normally deduct the cleaning fee from the security deposit. But does the tenant get interest for the security deposit? Read why this is not the case.
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The German license fee or “Rundfunkbeitrag” for temporary tenants

Tuesday, 10. November 2020 | Paperwork & important stuff

As a temporary tenant you can normally count on everything being covered in your warm rent with one exception - the license fee, or "Rundfunkbeitrag". If you've received this letter in your furnished apartment and don't know what to do with it don't toss it away! Instead follow our quick guide to what exactly it is, why you've received it - and if you should be paying it.

Deposit for furnished Flats. Questions and Answers

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Paperwork & important stuff

All questions and answers regarding the deposit, which is obligatory if you rent a furnished apartment in Berlin. What is a normal deposit for a furnished apartment, when does the tenant have to pay the deposit, when is the deposited normally refunded? How can a tenant of a furnished flat make sure that he will receive the full deposit after he has moved out?

Renting a furnished Flat: what Requirements must the Tenant fulfill?

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Paperwork & important stuff

Can anybody who moves to Berlin rent a temporary furnished apartment? In Berlin, there are different kind of apartments. There are apartments which can be rented on a dailiy or weekly basis. These holiday lets can be rented by tourists. Furnished apartments have a mimimum rental period which is 2 months or longer. These furnished aoartments are only rented out to tenants who move to Berlin and who work here. As a tenant, you need a working contract and you have to hand it before you get a rental agreement.
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Interim rent in Berlin

Thursday, 25. June 2020 | Paperwork & important stuff

What is the difference between temporary accommodation and interim rent? For temporary accommodation, you rent a furnished apartment that has been furnished exclusively for this purpose. In the case of an interim lease, a furnished private apartment is rented during the absence of the main tenant. The intermediate rental apartment is not available open-endedly, but only until the landlord returns. As a tenant you therefore have to be flexible. However, apartments for interim rent often have the advantage of being cheaper than temporary apartments.